Imagine towing a large ocean-fairing oil-carrying tanker weighing thousands upon thousands of tons and whose width spans the length of several stories of a typically formidable building in any large and busy city. Well-nigh impossible to do so. But the fleet managers carrying the ship towing luling la fleet list appear to have other ideas.

Interested marine clients already have access to such a fleet list which they can download from the internet. The nature of this shipping enterprise means that mainly experienced mariners are on decks. Technical preciseness is required to move heavy tonnage weights and carry out challenging but essential maneuvers on dangerous waters.

ship towing luling la

Another challenged that seasoned old salts of the sea are having to face is that of extreme weather events. The owners of these towing fleets also know that they have their hands full in terms of competing markets which have this tendency of becoming fiercer by the year. But it could be argued that in this enterprise that nothing trumps experience. It takes long enough for any budding able seaman to train in the merchant navy.

And then there is still the small matter of spending thousands of hours at sea, usually over a period of years. It takes a special kind of sea captain to master the ever temperamental but powerful tugboat. The costs of running such a fleet may well be ginormous. But this is going to be a small price to pay when you think in terms of what losses could have been sustained had a commercial or industrial client not had the vantage custodianship of the master mariner and his loyal and able fleet.

The likes of Lloyds would surely approve because at the slight sign of a sea accident, insurers still balk.