No matter what kind of car or truck you are driving – hatch-back, sedan, sports car, mini-van, SUV, commercial delivery truck, two-ton (and more) long-distance truck – you have the right to receive free roadside assistance in the event of an unexpected breakdown or accident. But now you might just be wondering. How is it possible that you could receive free domestic (or private) or commercial vehicle roadside assistance?

Because maybe you are one of those that have been victimized alongside of the road before. You are one of those unfortunate road users that have been victimized by what could be referred to as road hogs or breakdown sharks. They’re still there, lurking behind the trees and bushes, always waiting to pounce on some or another unsuspecting driver. But these days you can laugh them off. And still.

You are wondering how this is possible. For one thing, you’re going to be making sure that you have the appropriate vehicle insurance package. Like most businesses these days, the domestic and commercial insurance markets are operating in a highly competitive space. Carrots are being dangled to attract your notice. The insurance deal is sweetened with one or two add-ons, free of charge.

commercial vehicle roadside assistance

Realistically, it feels like the extra services being offered, amongst which would include the domestic or commercial vehicle roadside assistance, is free. But you’re already paying for the service with your monthly insurance premium. And when you need the service in a hurry, you are spared the inconvenience of finding cash in a hurry when you are out in no man’s land if you will. Of course, you always stand a better chance of enjoying a decent, let’s just say; roadworthy service when your car or truck is properly licensed.