Getting into your car, turning the key and heading down the road isn’t the only thing you have to consider when owning a vehicle.  For many people, the thought of what makes your vehicle work is the last things on their minds.  However, caring for your car is just as important as the car you decide to purchase.

New or used parts

The odds are that we will be purchasing a used vehicle.  As a result, you will be placed in the position of purchasing a new or used component when repairs are needed.  One such component you may need to repair is the transmission.  So, do you purchase a new or a rebuilt transmission?

Price wise a rebuilt will be cheaper, but you may be installing a future problem.  The same can be said for a new piece of equipment in an older vehicle.  When putting newer equipment in older vehicles you can be forcing more power through lines and parts that just can’t handle it.

Drive in fair conditions

When driving your vehicle, you want to drive in in perfect conditions.  You don’t want to drive it through snow, rain or major storms.  Stay out of water and saltwater can really cause a lot of damage.  Try to drive on sunny days and pay attention to what you are doing.

Change your fluids

Make sure to do regular oil changes.  You want to change your oil on a regular basis.  Oil is the fluid that acts as a protective barrier between your engine.  Without this fluid the parts of your engine will start to come in contact with each other resulting in physical damage.  If this happens your engine can seize up and could be a major issue.

rebuilt transmission?

When it comes to caring for your vehicle there are a lot of moving parts.  Take your time and really focus on care.  The more you do, the longer your vehicle will last.